Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bali - Day 1

Two Indonesian words to share before i kicking off with my trip...
Bensin = petrol
Parkir = parking
i guess the bensin is vy helpful as the tour agent offered packages with or without petrol.. Don't think that you manage to get a cheap packages.. do ask whether the petrol is included.
Tips :
  • Bring along your own "sarong" as most of the temples needed to covered with sarong.. the amoung of money i used to rent a sarong could actually make me buy a new sarong...
  • Rupiah is used for all the foods, entrance fees, sarong, souvenirs (tour package can used both USD or Rupiah). But you don't have to change all Rupiah from your country as you'll get a better rate of Rupiah here. Just some small change for transportation and first meal in Bali will do.
  • Watch out your belongings while in Uluwatu cause the monkey was very wild as they might took away your stuff especially sunglasses.

1St Day..

Hotel : Fat Yogi

location : PopPiEs I, Kuta

Price : USD22 per night

Include : Free TransportatiOn from Airport and Breakfast
Hanging around Kuta hunting for tour package. i'm tired of bargaining the agent. I bought 3 packages one shot which cost me USD105. i took my biscuit as my lunch and straight away started my first trip to GWK cultural park. The entrance fees was quite expensive but the park was really huge.
We were unable to spend long time here as we needed to rush for sunset at Uluwatu. This place was nice and i got attracted until i missed the kecak dance-- traditional dance which held at Uluwatu where extra charge was needed. Unless you understand indonesian word, else i guess nothing to loose if you really missed it.

After that, we went to Jimbaran. The environment was romantic but the seafood price was suck. So, i rather went back to Kuta for my dinner. We ordered rice, babi guling and fried bea sprout. I didn't take picture on my food so i just shared one of the kuta town picture.